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Visual Narratives


déréal is now accepting photography projects exploring the theme of reality, both within its conventional boundaries and beyond.

We welcome projects spanning the spectrum from documentary to abstract, encompassing a range of techniques from lens-based to digitally generated. There are no age or nationality restrictions for submissions.

To submit a project, please provide the following information:

          - Full Name / Artist Pseudonym

- Email Address / Website (if applicable) / IG

- Project Title / Short Description in English

- Brief Artist Biography

- 8 to 15 Images via online Google Drive ​​​​​​​

There is no set deadline for submissions; we accept them on a rolling basis.

Selected projects will be published on the déréal website and shared across our social media platforms.

Thanks for submitting!


déréal is currently accepting alternative interview projects created by artists for/to artists - A2A. 

The goal of these interviews and conversations among artists is to delve into the intricate creative  processes and engage in discussions about specific topics within photographic practices.

The format of the interviews is open-ended and can take the form of imagery, video, writing, or any other  medium. Artists are encouraged to invite their  chosen collaborators to engage in a dialogue on  their preferred theme.

Submission Requirements:

For Host Artist:

          - Full Name / Short Bio / Email / Website / IG

For Invited Artist:

          - Full Name / Short Bio / Email / Website / IG 

Project Details:

          - Project Title / Short Description in English / Interview Format / Online Review Link (Google Drive)


There are no deadlines for project submissions, and we welcome your ideas and conversations at any time.

Selected A2A projects will be featured on the déréal platform and social media.

Thanks for submitting!

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