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Mom's Body as a Vehicle  for Narrative
Mardoe Painter

 Analysing and Re-appropriating Dad’s Snapshots - The project Mom’s Body as a Vehicle for Narratives derived from analyzing and selecting similar patterns in my family photo albums. These albums contain mainly snapshots taken by my Dad, (mostly) of my Mom, over a period of two to three decades. 

The undertone of this personal project is re-establishing the often a bit unconventional relationship between my parents, and how this has shaped my own journey in life… 

The emphasis is not on aesthetics, it is a personal and authentic documentation of many vacations, and daily life happenings, set in a liberal western culture. The significance for showcasing this personal project is to display a basic story of love and admiration, yet it also exhibits universal themes such as social frame works, banalities, old fashioned stereotypes, and at times a hint of bittersweet lonesomeness. 

These narratives would remain invisible within the context of the family albums. As part of an installation the photos shift in concept from individual to collective memories. New connotations surface by juxtaposing and combining photos of different origins, or by extracting an image out of its original context. 

This entire body of work is drawn from a general interest in pattern seeking, cultural/collective memory, psychology, morphology and modern dance.  

This lead me to analyzing:  Human Interactions, Body-movement/Placement, Body language/Facial expressions (awareness of the camera).  

Mardoe Painter (1971) Visual Artist (studio in Amersfoort, The Netherlands). 

" I create with a spontaneous and instinctual approach, which in a sense is giving me access into myself. It is like having a collision occur between the known and the subconscious. 

What precedes this path of engagament is a fairly loose plan of action; concept development based on ideas and (material) research. Luckily the end results continue to surprise me often enough. 

My artistic drive is a personal effort to gain some amount of control over uncontrollable situations. My work is also a study of the process where physical structures become remnants of their original form.  With the use of my own drawings or (found) photographs as a starting point, I begin working. While working I disappear into my personal parallel universe. Getting lost for a while...

My work explores universal themes, social frame works, physical structures, banalities and stereotypes."

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