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Les étoiles perdues de Sissi
Alicia Salvador Ivorra

Alicia Salvador Ivorra is a Spanish photographer and photojournalism student at ÉMI (Paris), currently living in Paris. She has a degree in Translation and Interpretation from Spain and a master's degree in Hispanic Studies from Sorbonne University, where her research explored the relationship between poetry and photography. She has been taking photographs since the age of 14, becoming more regular from the age of 18, when she decided to travel abroad for the first time.

In her work, she aims to capture the beauty of reality, of people, intimate and personal stories.

Walking and seeing someone anywhere. A pavement, a park, a person. Nostalgia can sometimes be harmful: past moments will never be reproduced and memories reappear everywhere. It can become obsessive, repetitive and abusive. So much so that it can cause suffering, even if the memory is a happy one. Nostalgia arises in moments of happiness as well as sadness, which is why it is so difficult to define and, above all, to produce a series on this imposed theme.

This series is the final product for the end-of-year exhibition at Sorbonne University.

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