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Emin Mathers

" In this series, I've embarked on a journey to trace my deep-rooted passion for observing the eyes, as I firmly believe that genuine communication transpires through the eyes. In a world where words and sounds inundate us, conventional forms of communication often fall short of satisfying my thirst for true connection with people. It can feel like thoughts expressed aloud. Through this series, I've come to understand the real essence of communication – the profound sincerity of a gaze. It's that moment when the person you engage with is open, honest, and unguarded, devoid of any facade or fear. It's all about trust and genuine interest. This is when reality speaks through the person you're interacting with. This form of connection brings about revelations, an abundance of energy, and the true essence of a meaningful encounter. The idea of a soul in one's eyes is a metaphorical expression that has been used in various contexts throughout history. The eyes are the windows to the soul, representing a human's innermost thoughts and emotions. For instance, human eyes may be described as "soulful" if they display a great deal of emotion or if they reveal a complex inner world. In this context, the eyes are seen as a reflection of a human's character, personality, and life experiences. Concept of the soul in one's eyes can be linked to psychic abilities or supernatural powers. According to some paranormal beliefs, a human with "soulful eyes" may have the ability to see beyond the physical world and tap into other dimensions of reality. Overall, the concept of a soul in one's eyes is a complex and multifaceted. While it may hold different meanings for different cultures and individuals, it remains a powerful symbol of emotional depth, spiritual connection, and supernatural insight. "

EMIN MATHERS is a lens-based visual artist & photographer born in the South Caucasus, on the Caspian coast. Camera for him became a tool creating images that are considered to be objective reality. Since then, photography has become an adventure for him, a means of understanding the reality of the world. As a photographer, Emin participates in documentary projects, observing the activities of humanity, and in conceptual photographs he expresses his insights about the reality that he experiences. He is an active member of NFT community. Mathers was participant of NFT NYC 2023, 2024, he gave a voice to Caspian Sea at KOLGA Tbilisi Photo 2022 and Global Conversation 2020 by United Nation, also a finalist of London SPF 2020 and etc. His photographs are in private collections and galleries in Italy, Russia, USA, UK, Hungary, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Emin's stories and projects are published on media platforms and magazines. He is practicing photography curation in frames of F37 union which is represents, supports and exhibits photographers on the local and international scene.

in the eyes of my fear

For many years, since childhood, this fear has been instilled in me. Years later, already understanding what a human is, the road led me to the city, where I realized that this feeling does not belong to me. Right after it this conversation immediately took place.
In the end of Serzh's story about how he protected a human from my lands, I asked him to make a very close-up photograph of his eye. Because the eyes don't lie.

The third eye

Have you noticed that when we observe things at a close distance, we tend to focus on one eye, while the information provided by the other is used to provide depth perception? If you make a conscious effort to pay attention to both while looking at your reflection, it might lead to the appearing of the third eye.


"A portrait of a modern human who looks from two to ten hours a day." I quoted this frame for the photo essay "HUMAN of 2020". Although this idea is still relevant, since I considered this device the height of modern poptechnology of humankind, which has literally become an external organ. Over the past 4 years, the technology has grown rapidly and today I can say with confidence that this black bar is already at the end of its glory.

Invisible interconnections

A visual story illuminating the invisibleground of the differences, similarities and connection between two generations. The width of the pupils shows physiologically, the difference in vision under the same conditions, which causes misunderstanding between generations.

UV Vision

Since childhood, we have been taught a color system comprising seven colors, with little acknowledgment of the existence of spectrums before and after. However, this is merely one way to categorize colors based on perception and cultural conventions. For defining these specific colors is often given to Newton, who structured the spectrum in this manner back in the 17th century. Remarkably, we rarely question this paradigm, resulting in a limitation to our perception. The idea that ancient people may not have had a specific word for the color blue, and didn't perceive it in the same way we do today, is a concept known as "linguistic relativity". So, despite our awareness of ultraviolet and our eyes' capability to detect it, it should occupy a place in the realm of recognizable colors.