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Dijital Junk
Lina A.

Dijital Junk is a publication comprised out of physical and digital collages constructed out of metaphorical and literal trinkets. In an era saturated with imagery, it serves not as a production of new visuals but as a curation of personal history. The artist views the act of generating new images with hesitation, recognizing the overwhelming abundance already in existence and the capability of AI to fill in the gaps. Instead, Dijital Junk dives into the vivid archives of a life inadvertently documented—comprising phone snapshots, undeveloped film strips, sketchbook pages, and handwritten notes. This publication is an intimate, digital spring cleaning, an archaeological dig through the creator's own visual footprint. Describing the project as both a confinement and a preservation, Dijital Junk is likened to a zoo, where these snippets of personal history are both caged and cherished. The collages, brimming with representational contradictions, are violent yet loving acts of stapling and taping together disparate memories that resonate with their creator as well as collective memory of the audience by mimicking cultural visual tropes. Each piece in Digital Junk is a step toward understanding and valuing the potential of images amassed over a lifetime, highlighting the now personal as potentially historical.

Lina A. is a multidisciplinary artist working with moving image, experimental analog photography, AI, and archival footage. Lina`s practice explores the notion of cultural politics of emotions through fragmentation of identities and interchanging points of view. The practice also draws upon artist`s personal experience of immigration. Her work is being displayed internationally in the United Kingdom, France, and Italy. Her most notable exhibitions include the Art Graduate Prize Exhibition in London, the summer group exhibition Patterns and Structures in Cambridge and the group show off-RCA during Les Rencontres D’Arles opening week. Lina also received Metro Imaging Mentorship Award for her conceptual installation piece Unrequited Land. Her work was published in the anthology With No Orbit. Lina has graduated from University College London in 2021 with a Bachelor`s degree in Art History and obtained a Master`s degree in Photography at Royal College of Art in 2023

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