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Quintin H. O’Connell

Anomie, the title of this series, refers to a concept rooted in Durkheimian sociology. It denotes a state characterized by weakened normative bonds between individuals and the broader community, leading to moral ambiguity and alienation.

Émile Durkheim's exploration of anomie in the context of suicide rates revealed a critical connection between social integration and normative regulation. Anomie represented a void where social norms conflicted with the internal motives of individuals, causing discontent and ennui. In fact, the modern world is plagued by unheard of rates of depression and suicide.


In this series, O’Connell focuses on his own anomic sentiments. Namely, the disconnect experienced as one embedded within a culture which normalizes behaviors that harm the global ecosystem and thwart personal growth and flourishing; a culture which privileges consumption over poise and meaning.

Yet, amidst the sense of anomie, the series aims to unravel a veiled beauty concealed within solitary and quiet moments. It contemplates the mysterious allure of nature, inviting viewers to reflect on a delicate harmony that still exists within the unsettling dissonance of our modern world.

Serving as both a visual and philosophical exploration, Anomie offers a pensive journey into the transformative power of photography as not only a means of escape, but also self-overcoming and valuation.

Born in 1998, Quintin H. O’Connell is a budding American artist working in photography. His images attempt to reach into the complexities of the human condition, exploring themes of identity, belonging, and the timeless human pursuit of a meaningful life

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