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And there was light
Dora Tishmann

After working on themes taken from the book of Genesis, I became interested in light and its phenomena, in particular electricity. I have developed my own protocol to record the manifestations of this energy in the face of elements of various natures. My first experiments began at the end of 2022.


In the dark room, I set up a process where rays of electricity strike, like lightning, plants, minerals, shapes, objects. I use a sheet film 4 x 5’ to capture this furtive manifestation in the form of a photogram.


The geometric shapes outline the spatiality of light, evoking the constructions and forces of the Universe. Conductive bodies such as plants and minerals allow me to express the cellular and molecular materiality of light. 


In these photograms, electric light acts as the revealer of a hidden dimension, imperceptible to the human eye, but which appears ordered and harmonious. It highlights a geometry of the cosmos where the infinitely small and the infinitely large coexist, where scales merge.

Born in the former Yugoslavia (Serbia), I live in France since 2005. I graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest. In my creative work I use several techniques - painting, photography, object, installation, and performance within the framework of multiple artistic collectives.

In recent years, I devoted myself mainly to photography. I found my inspiration in the myths of the creation and the origins the universe. Transformation, metamorphosis, animation, the invisible are areas that I experiment with in my different photographic series.

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