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Elisabeth van Sandick

My world is strewn with beacons; they are forms in the landscape, objects to mark a specific place. I watch them, examine them. They set my eye in motion. I move on. I retrace my steps. Nothing is ever the same, for what I see today may seem entirely different tomorrow. 


The formal object I observe is a shape that bears an identity, a character that I can relate to and that manifests itself in fresh ways each time I see it. That turns them into landmarks in the world I set out into. And to which I return. Always in a different manner. 


Going back does not mean standing still, even if it feels that way at times. Until I spot something I hadn’t known before, and find that I can return and move forward at the same time. 


Landmarks: objects that I know and do not know.

Elisabeth van Sandick (1989), is a visual artist working with analogue photography. She studied Art and Cultural Sciences at the University of Amsterdam (BA and MA) and Conceptual Image at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam. In May 2023 she published the conceptual work 3:1, which was part of her Fotoacademie graduation. Working from reality and confusion, in this book she depicts a search along landmarks that visualize doubt, but also provide a sense of guidance.

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