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27 Drafts
Simone Engelen

Life has a way of shaping who we become through all we experience. 


As an Amsterdam-based artist Simone aims to capture and evoke stillness, inviting the viewer to pause and engage with the essence of being.  Shaped by her time living in a Japanese Buddhist monastery, she explores ways to quiet the mind.


In her project ’27 Drafts’ Simone decided to go back to the U.S. with her mom to revisit a traumatic experience. It evolved into an exploration of a past life in which she used her camera as a filter to create necessary distance and engage in conversations they had long avoided. The title refers to the 27 attempts she made to put into words the impact of a single event that shaped the most formative years of her life. 


To be able to put this chapter of her life literally away on the shelf she is now transforming this journey into a book to share her story beyond a simple #metoo.